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Is she kicking Clint? Because it looks like his hand, and his uniform and Jesus can none of them get along?!?

I was thinking that, but the more I stare I’m not sure… but that looks like Renner’s arm… and frick, do you think Natasha actually DOES double cross them in the movie like she does in the cartoon? *and, I assume the comic books, but I do remember she does that in the cartoon EMH*

And cue the Natasha/Loki shippers

You guys are all wrong.


They aren’t Skrulls tho they’re Kree.

Unless Disney fucked that up you know

They’re not Kree, Tash, they’re the Chitauri.  That’s the Ultimate’s version of the Skrulls before they decided to go back years later and include the skrulls in Ultimate Comics.

Also, my guess is this is like a sparing match

Well fuck if they make this Ultimates verse I might cut a bitch

Well I mean, they’ve already put a bunch of ultimates shit in the movieverse.  I think this is just a giant mixture of Marvel 616(Regular) and Marvel 1610(Ultimates)

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    I was wondering about that myself, actually. There’s two things we have to keep in mind, though. 1) Loki can shapeshift....
  8. sagewisteria said: It makes me wonder what Clint did to warrant this maneuver and that kind of rage from Tasha…Smart man, he backs away.
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    Keep calm people. Keep calm.
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    Well if what they said about mind control is true, he may be under Loki’s control at the moment and he may have attacked...
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    Well I mean, they’ve already put a bunch of ultimates shit in the movieverse. I think this is just a giant mixture of...
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    Well fuck if they make this Ultimates verse I might cut a bitch
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    Well, maybe the name won’t be mentioned but I bet shape-shifting will be involved.
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